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Online casinos all over the world have Top Gun in their slot machine libraries. It's easy to find a game in free mode, although you may want to take risks and make money to get the rewards.

Let's see what our experts have written about Maverick, Goose and other staff. All buttons and numbers are located at the bottom of the screen. The rotation button can start manual rotation, and the "autoplay" option allows you to select up to 99 autoplays. Turbo mode can be used to play games faster, and the + /-button can adjust your bet value. Click on the "info" icon to learn more about the symbol and how the slot's payline works. Top Gun slot machine is an amazing online casino slot machine, it will leave you breathless. Many people don't know that this game was officially created by IGT Games, but after some time, Playtech obtained its online rights. Players can win free spins and bonuses in 243 ways. When you rotate the reels, you can easily get various real currency rewards. It has five scrolls in total.



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