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Fa Fa Fa's theme can best be described as absolute simplicity. There are many slot machines that can bring online slot machines back to the simplified fruit machine, which started as a slot machine type of gambling games. Fa Fa Fa goes one step further.

All irrelevant features have been removed, leaving a simple, streamlined and actually very stylish game. Everything about this slot is simple. It has only three symbols, three reels and one Winline. Even the entries in the help section seem to be a bit ironic. Wait a minute to get three symbols on the payline, which means aligning the icons along the gold line that crosses the reels. This thread represents the winning line. Now that your icons are lined up on the payline, it’s time to celebrate your victory. The reward obtained depends on the value of the matched symbol. The recorded win is calculated by multiplying the value of the matching symbol by the total bet according to the paytable. For example, if you set the bet to 16, and match the red icon with a bonus of 100, the total bonus is 16X100. This reward is in monetary form, not credit in most slots.



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