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The goal of Buffalo Blitz is to lead players through the natural habitats of the northern hemisphere on a refreshing journey. Admittedly, this may not be the most obvious place for some magnificent scenery, but there are indeed many opportunities from the popular safari-style slot machines in the Serengeti or tropical rain forests in Africa. Instead, the game takes players to a colder environment to observe some spectacular animal specimens such as grizzly bears, wild moose, raccoons and bobcats.

This slot machine uses some detailed and clear icons to display its icons, capturing various creatures in a fairly traditional way. Admittedly, this game may not be suitable for players who like to use 3D animation for truly spectacular rotating actions, but it is indeed enough to appreciate its unique perspective of the natural world. Prepare for an amazing adventure on the grasslands of North America where the majestic Buffalo is located. Instead of looking for meat and fur, it is better to chase these wonderful beasts for rich rewards. Buffalo Blitz is a six-axis video slot that can benefit from 4,096 ways to win and offers stacked Buffalo, Multiplier Diamond Wilderness and up to 200 free spins. Buffalo tends to land on all reels for greater victory, while Diamond Wilderness rewards random multipliers in the free spins feature. Get on your horse and get ready to chase!



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