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Fai Long Zai Tian (Fai Long Zai Tian) means "flying dragon in the sky" in Chinese. The game is supported by Playtech software and has 5 reels and 25 paylines. It also has twelve symbols from Chinese culture, myths and legends. Almost everything about this game helps to make it have a stronger Chinese theme appearance and increase excitement.

Does it have attractive symbols, and its color design also helps make the pizza feel into the appearance of the game. Paylines are numbered along both sides of the reels to integrate them into the layout of the game well. Each end of the game and buttons are aligned on the display area. Players can use an attribute to increase the number of auto spins from 10 to 99. This will automatically generate a reel rotation, so the player does not need to always click the spin button. This keeps their hands and allows them to do anything else while playing slot games.



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