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Halloween slot machine has 5 reels and 50 paylines. It takes advantage of the elements that gave its name in the movie. John Carpenter's chilling background music set the tone for the game, all kinds of creepy The symbol fills the reels. Among the distinctive icons, players will find knives, masks, pumpkins, revolvers and phones, and stars like Jamie Lee Curtis appear as giant 3×3 symbols.

If you are fully familiar with this movie, then when you open the Halloween video slot, you will know that you are going to have some food. The game is played on the screen, which looks like the front porch of the Strode family house, and a set of transparent scrolls are set in front of the building. On the reels, you will naturally see images of all the main characters in the film, as well as many iconic props that real fans will recognize. Of course, there are also many audio clips in the movie, and when you win with the appropriate character, many audio clips are played. If you are familiar with Microgaming's software, it is not surprising how friendly this machine is to mobile devices. The browser-based design ensures compatibility with all major mobile devices, including iPhone and Android products. Since this is a licensed online slot machine, they naturally decided to make this game appeal to as many audiences as possible, so both low and high limit can be used. If you want to test the machine first, you can also try it for free.



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