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Look for the "Roaring Lion" symbol on the reels, because this will be a very special feature for you. Although the symbol is only obtained on the middle three columns, the symbol will act as a wild expansion symbol when it falls into that position, which means that no matter which line the symbol is formed on, you will contribute to it to help form All winning combinations in the round. You can even get three full wild reels, in this case, the benefits of a particular spin should be huge.

The African scatter chart is also considered the main feature, and you must display it in a certain position in the view at least three times. The fact that the exact location of the spread is irrelevant only helps to make it more valuable. If the requirements are met, the game will provide you with 10, 15 or 20 free spins in exchange for 3, 4 or 5 scatters. Just like the Logispin slot title "Wall Street", Africa Wild is a medium to high variance slot machine that allows you to earn bonuses and free spins for a long time. Bonus rounds cannot provide many wins at all. Progressive jackpots are big winners and can be won in the basic game. We were impressed by the number of spins required to trigger a free spin or bonus. Before finally offering the bonus, we have been looking for something that seems eternal. When playing the bonus game, we found that it was indeed very basic and did not provide much help in terms of cash or excitement. Our bonus round was too fast and it cost us 10.00 to enter, and we only accumulated 5.00.



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