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Fengshen is our 3X5 9-line Chinese mythical slot game. We designed a wild mode in the main game to make it easy for you to win. In free games, the wilderness becomes a sticky wilderness. You can have more chances to win thousands of prizes! In the 16th century, King Zhou offended the ancient Chinese goddess Nuwa by carving his poems on the wall. The goddess Noi sent a thousand-year-old nine-tailed vixen vixen to the demon king and accelerate its downfall. After the defeat of the Vixen, the people suffered under the rule of King Zhou. In the end, Jiang Zi also got up to save the people and overthrew the king.

Plenty of legendary creatures roam in this 20 payline slot, hoping to bring you great rewards. Wild symbols and multiple functions will double your bonus! This classic Asian slot machine has many hidden values that you should not miss!



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