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In particular, "Three Kingdoms" provides a more immersive game style, with adjustable interface and functions, and the overall design of the game is visually very attractive. As a result, in the online slot game world, "Three Kingdoms" is more interesting than many of its predecessors.

The Three Kingdoms were set in ancient China, based on the actual conflict between the three ancient kingdoms: this period was one of the bloodiest periods in ancient Chinese history. In the game, three fighters represent three states or kingdoms: Cao Cao, Sun Quan, and Liu Bei; they are all true dynasty fighters. Copying this game, the developers of NetEnt shifted their attention from one powerful civilization to another. Or as described by NetEnt; "The king of the three kingdoms brings the player back to the past, and a powerful Asian king conquered the era of the three kingdoms." Against a bright background, the signs on the reels include the less valuable ones. A to 9 card suits, soldiers and three kings. The one with the highest value is the Blue King, who gives you five times the 60 times your principal at the full payline. The wild symbol is represented by a colorful map of the three kingdoms and looks like it was obtained directly from the board game Risk. Only displayed on reels 2 and 4, the wild symbol replaces all standard symbols except the scatter point.



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