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Pink Panther is a five-reel 50-payline online slot game that is very popular among slot machine enthusiasts, not only because of the theme, but also because of Playtech's cumulative jackpot. With this feature, it is best to play this game to the greatest extent to get the most benefit. The denomination provided in the game includes any amount between $0.01 and a large sum of $2 per line, with a maximum limit of 10 points per line. As a result, the maximum setup cost per spin is as high as $800.

Blue and pink occupies most of the game, giving it a true Pink Panther style. The paylines are clearly numbered on both sides of the reels. Players can activate the required number of paylines by clicking the corresponding number. The total number of games and buttons are arranged in two rows at the bottom of the game. The spin button is located in the lower right corner, and its color is darker than the other buttons.



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