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In order to stand out in a super crowded niche market, slot machines based on ancient Egypt need to bring something new. When I see a new game like Egyptian Spinning from PlayTech, it needs to jump into the first hoop to enter these pages. This is whether it brings a new perspective.

This has some good qualities. First, graphics. Although they do have a 3D effect and stand out from the usual graphic design, they are not world-class. Second, it is suitable for mobile device settings. The slot is clear and neat, with large buttons that you can easily click with your thumb. Finally, you can choose different wild/spin combinations for the bonus game. Although the old theme is revisited in the smart mobile slot, this is nothing new, but it must be a plus. Egyptian Rotation has 5 reels and 3 paylines, and its charming image depicts a temple with wild symbols in the background. In games without any jackpots, this is a pleasant sight, so it relies heavily on wild symbols and scatter symbols. Arrange the three of the latter in the order of winning, and you will receive free spins that can be re-triggered. There is also an additional round, in this mini-game, players can unlock the maximum payout that Egypt Spin must provide.



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