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The Golden Wings will take you into the clouds above the fighter jets, allowing players to take adrenaline-pushing adventures-if that's not obvious yet. The design and layout of the game is very simple, but this does not mean that "Golden Wings" has not set up the scene.

The background of the Golden Wings video slot consists of a bright blue sky dotted with a few clouds. The user interface and Wings of Gold logo are very similar to the classic movie Top Gun in the 80s. The logo is composed of the game name, with golden fonts and golden wings as bookends. Viewing parts may be a fair way to summarize the overall user interface of "Gold Wing". Bring 5 rolls of 20-slot Golden Wings, this is really a tall flyer! Activate Xtra Win mode and turn all wild symbols into extended wilds! Are you brave enough to win the Medal of Honor bonus? Start spinning up to 100 free games!



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