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Playtech’s Vacation Station Deluxe online slot machine is held in the airport lounge, taking you into the sun-drenched climate of stereotype tourists.

Here, you are faced with the challenge of collecting symbols related to transportation methods. As you might expect, the better the vehicle, the more money you charge, which means that buses are cheaper and airplanes cost the most. The game has only a few screens, and they are all closely related to the theme. When you plan your trip, the paytable will be overlaid on the map of Europe. You can also hear the faint elevator music and the tremor of the speakers in the distance, which adds to the overall feel of the Vacation Station Deluxe slot machine. If you are a fan of the classic three-wheeled slot machine, of course you will still like this game, but I hope you will also like some other features that distinguish it from other games. On the left side of the screen, and our brave tourist wandering on the right; as well as a cunning shirt and camera, with a wreath on his neck, and panda eyes in the shadow of the sun. On the big suitcase in front, you can see payline bets, total bets and any wins.



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