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Everyone knows that the Vikings are a very cruel warrior clan, they will do their best to gain new land and new wealth for their own interests. But what they didn't teach you in school is that these Nordic adventurers also know how to organize a good party.

Well, you will find yourself in "Viking Mania" because these 5 reels are filled with cruel characters, such as a Viking warrior with a red beard on a drinking horn full of Mead, and a big clumsy 'S lady dresses in stuffed red – if we want to be honest with you, we are not sure that it is the correct dress in history! There is an interesting introductory video that will set the scene. I don't want to pay too much, although it certainly contains some deception. In one of the bonus games, this fun continues, you can throw objects at Vikings attached to a circular target. You will find a more serious side. There are triple spins and extended wilds in free spin. This slot has some excellent 3D style animations and corresponds to some of the slots provided by Brick and Mortar style slot manufacturers.



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