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There are few casino games that are simpler than "live high/low". Players who are invited to the next card bet higher, lower or the same value as the base card. Before the result card is issued, three dealer cards will be burned. After winning, players can choose to bet all and certain betting options.

The first method allows them to bet the entire amount on one position, while the other allows them to distribute profits across multiple positions. In order to make the game more exciting, Playtech added other betting options and provided players with any suit A card (payment x11.56), king or any suit A card (x5.78) as the winning card for the bet, Between a certain range (x2.89) and red or black (x1.92). The game settings allow you to disable animations, adjust game sounds and dealer sounds, automatically confirm bets, and display tool tips, which display betting information when you move the mouse over various options. The high/low has real-time chat and tip functions.



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