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The first thing that jumps out of a slot game is the "bad" element it has, which is almost similar to the legendary hell angel biker-thanks to the heart tattoo and other related images. Then, add the playboy style to the mix, and a plainly dressed woman will transform (literally) to change your turntable. Your turntable is placed inside a purple curtain, and the paylines are displayed in cream on the left and right sides. This is a very basic layout that can be found in all Playtech slot machines.

Cherry Love slot is an easy-to-understand 5-reel 30 payline video slot. If you want to try to make the woman on the scroll attractive for free, you can use the demo version. Auto play allows you to set the reels to play automatically until you rotate a certain amount or hit the free rotation function. The sexy slots are decorated in magenta and deep purple tones to make you excited. It seems that the game designer tried to create a character, "Miss Cherry Love" by showing some of her favorite things. As the reels spin, images of silver and gold snake rings, fancy lighters, hearts with daggers, roses, angel wings and cherries flicker on the screen.



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