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Destiny Panda is a cute panda-themed online slot machine on GameArt website with animals and flowers on the reels.

50 paylines provide a lot of opportunities to win, while wilderness, dispersion, bonus features and gambling options add a lot of diversity to your gameplay. You can play this game on desktops, phones and tablets, and we have hundreds of free slots for you to play! If you see a panda bear appear, then if you meet certain requirements, you will be able to use the symbol to form a new combination. It is the wild symbol that appears in the last four columns and can be used in place of any combination, as long as it does not need to replace the bonus symbol. The bonus symbol bears the "Yin Yang" logo and also the "Yan Yang" logo. As a scatter, these symbols can make them appear anywhere in the line of sight, and depending on the number of occurrences, they will provide you with a total bet bonus of 2, 15 or 100 times. The same 3 to 5 symbols will also trigger 8, 10 or 15 free spins for you. Free rotation is different from regular rotation. An important feature of free rotation is the presence of stacked symbols on the last four rollers. These symbols are converted to random symbols at the end of the round.



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