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It has five scrolls and three rows. This is a classic slot machine, not a progressive game. This is one of the high difference machines you play online. Due to its high volatility, you are likely to win large prizes. The overall theme is underwater, which works well. The game provides mountains of wilderness that can improve your chances of winning big wins.

Over the past ten years, the Great Blue slot game is one of the games released by online game software developer Playtech. The mobile compatible slot machine has a standard marine theme, allowing gamblers to swim with famous marine inhabitants such as sharks, turtles, starfish and seahorses. Adjustable paylines make the game an ideal choice for players with smaller budgets. Your total bet is the number of bets per row multiplied by the number of valid rows. You can reduce this number to 1. In this case, the minimum bet you can place is £0.01 and the maximum bet is £2. If you activate all paylines, your minimum total bet is £0.25 and the maximum is £50. This is not the high roller game among you. However, its bonus features and games may be really interesting. If you want to test them for real money and like the retro feel of the Great Blue slot, stop by BGO and delve into it.



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