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There are four different reel backgrounds and reel groups on the new Fate Sisters slot. Each sister has its own dedicated temple for its own rounds, and another for the basic game. They are all designed in a classical Greek style with high columns and spacious open areas that can accommodate scrolls. All the text on the advertising space is in the classic style of the period and can be recognized immediately. However, we do not want to see such a low number icon.

The higher-paid symbols are consistent with the theme, and the three sisters themselves will give the highest reward, followed by the icons related to their respective gifts or curses, depending on your point of view. For example, Atropos end-of-life scissors are a good secondary reward. There are a variety of animations to choose from on the slot machine, and fate is destined to guide you into each of their temples. What makes us happy is that Playtech matched the ladies with exquisite Athena-like images, not the witches portrayed in real mythology! All slot machines of PlayTech's "Shen Lingshi" have a lot to watch. Although most Greek gods are male, the Sisters of Destiny maintain a balance with the three goddesses. You can win the "Super Jackpot" and enjoy the choice of 3 bonus games in this title.



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