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Have you ever wanted to get rid of the boundaries of the concrete jungle and sail to the sweet freedom of the deep blue ocean? Well, now you can do this and win some life-changing prizes through Playtech's Great Blue Jackpot video slot. As a sequel to the first Great Blue online slot game, Great Blue Jackpot adds four jackpots to already reliable slots. And, because it is built into HTML5, no matter where you are, you can play the "Great Blue Jackpot" on your phone and tablet and get a huge amount of cash.

If the name is not forgotten, then the "Giant Blue Award" will adopt the popular underwater slot machine theme, and have visual and sound effects inspired by the depth of the unexplored ocean. So, when playing games to find rewards, be prepared to see your reels full of orcas, turtles and fish, and hear the sounds of whales singing and boiling. Moreover, since the visual design of the game has been cleaned up and darkened compared to previous games, the overall effect this time is even more refreshing. Cute little turtles and graceful seahorses are swimming on the cruise ship of the "Large Blue Slot". The soft colors make this game look pleasant and artistic. You will also see cute fish and beautiful pearls, as well as killer whales and sharks. The graphics look good, but not very complicated. They will not animate the winning combination like other better quality 3D slot machines. When playing games, you will hear the bubbling sound of water, making you feel like floating on the bottom of the sea. As the reel spins, the steel drum begins to play. Sit back and enjoy the aquatic atmosphere of the big blue trough.



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