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Five reels and fifty fixed winning lines on four rows can accept bets between 5 and 100 chips per round. Big bets may consider more bets than usual, because a certain percentage of the bets for each spin will be saved in the progressive table.

Imperial Chaise is an ancient Chinese 5-volume, 50-line slot game based on the old dynasty and the Chinese queen. They are very high royal nobles, very rich, and they decide to give your faithful servants all the wealth! Like many of GamingSoft's works, there are three special symbols to protect the peaceful lives of guard concubines. They are wild pearls, ponds scattered with lilies and first prize secret rooms. Although each of the three contributed to greater victory, neither of them paid for it by themselves. As for the victory of the basic round, you will find that you belong to one of the two conc concubines and win 80 or 50 points with the largest combination. Find five peacocks, silk paintings or tokens to earn up to 20 points. Collect five kinds of trophies, diamond pins, blooming roses, golden tea sets, beautiful fans or purple cash bags to get up to 10 credits.



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