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Simplicity extends to the subtle patterned surroundings on the reels, with beautiful red shadows, and the striped lighting effects on the edges of the game are just enough to add some style and movement without doing too much. The symbols are displayed well, including many icons widely used in Chinese themed slot machines, such as firecrackers, ceremonial drums, and of course lions.

The spinner can start earning real cash profits with only 0.30 bets, and this amount can be steadily increased to accommodate the maximum funding requirement of 90.00 per spin, although a free Southern Fortune Lion video slot can be found, which is useful for some practice. There is another option, you can double or triple the bet, if you want to trigger the free spin bonus game, then even without it, there is a good rate of return. Other betting options include turning off the auto-spinning wheel any number of times, although there is no way to set win/loss limits in advance, so you still need to pay close attention to your funds.



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