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Tank Attack comes with 5 reels and 9 paylines. Players can expect to find ten unique basic symbols-cigarettes, gasoline pipes, ammunition, propeller grenades, bombs, mines, pistols, bazookas, brown tanks and red tanks. The red star is actually the "spread" symbol of the game. You can win the multiplier prize by landing at least two scattered points anywhere in your sight. Binoculars act as a symbol of wildness.

GamingSoft is a software provider founded in 2002 in the Philippines. They released an awesome online free casino slot machine with the theme of technical craftsmanship called Tank Attack. The slot provides amazing animation and gameplay, which will bring players a fascinating experience and excellent visual effects. Slot machine features include free spin bonuses, wildcards (also known as alternative symbols), scatter symbol functions (special symbols usually related to some main functions in the online slot machine mechanism, they do not need to be part of the winner) combination, they will be Winning or additional games to reward you, or trigger certain slot machine features that may increase the bonus.



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