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Since no real animation is provided here, the Thai theme depends entirely on the artwork of the introduction, background and symbols. Their style is 2D and colorful, with a black background highlighted. These symbols are usually Thai symbols, although we found that the monk symbol is wrong, because the Thai monk does not wear a beard, which makes him look more Japanese than the Japanese. In addition to the monk, we also have a golden dragon, a dog, a beautiful Thai lady, a tiger, a golden Buddha and a temple.

In the game, the temple is a wilderness, and the golden Buddha is like a scatter symbol, which can trigger a free game function (ie, free spins). We do think that developers can do more with Thai themes, from flowers to traditional dancers, Muay Thai and many other Thai traditions and symbolism. They may even incorporate a white sand beach somewhere in the background, which is where many players will associate with Thailand, a popular beach resort. Thai Temple is a video slot provided by Playtech with a jackpot element. It has 5 reels and 15 paylines, and starts at 15 pence to 15 pounds per spin. It has a distinct Thai theme, featuring golden Buddha statues, tigers, temples, Thai ladies, Thai monks and traditional dragons. The game is produced by Playtech in cooperation with Casino Technology, and Casino Technology provides land-based slot machines-other slot machines under the agreement include Cat Queen and Esmeralda.



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