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Geisha stories with Asian themes explore the world of geishas. Geisha is a skilled and talented Japanese woman who uses her dance, music and dialogue skills to entertain men at the highest possible level. In fact, the term "geisha" means "artist", and women who provide this service should never be confused with people who provide sexual services in exchange for money. The remains of a geisha are never sold, and her talents are strictly limited to more cultural pursuits, including performing the iconic tea ceremony for guests.

Geisha Story has 15 paylines and standard 5x3 reels to choose from, and players can choose from them. For a simple 1.50 max bet, the coins range from 0.01 to 0.10-depending on where you play. The game also has an automatic play function. When you are gambling, the usual oriental music plays in the background, and the turntable spinning software is smooth enough. In fact, the scrolls themselves seem to be similar to Japanese bamboo rolls, they "roll" down as they spin.



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